REIMAROM® - scent marketing which is affordable

Pleasant scents create a huge level of extra attention and a very special atmosphere in your rooms.

The selection of our reimarom® scents is huge. You can find fresh and fruity notes, tasty and delicious compositions or unique perfume scents as well as special scents such as leather.

All the flavors and fragrances used are regularly tested on health and safety issues and compliant with the current EU directives!

Air Freshener Starter Set

Especially for you we offer the reimarom® air freshener starter kit for only 49.95 Euro (add. VAT). It consists of a professional, programmable REIMA Air freshener (type Profi), two batteries and two cans of the fragrance of your choice (select from every price category) in an attractive presentation box.

reimarom ® air freshener starter kit for only 49.95 Euro (add. VAT)

More kinds of Air Freshener:


Scents for Air Freshener

Selected fragrances specifically developed for the new generation of our REIMA Aerosol Dispenser.

Each fragrance is an exclusive creation! The long-lasting and harmonic compositions eliminate unpleasant odors and form a pleasant atmosphere in your rooms. The scents listed are only a small selection from our huge product port folio which is growing constantly.

Make your choice ...

Bamboo The exotic, slightly woody and still sweet fragrance of bamboo emphasized by a gentle and fruty shade of lemongrass.
Flower Shop A colourful mix across the flowerbed, on the basis of a green bottom note.
Green A composition of scents which inspires the senses with fresh and lush green.
Rose Garden A romantic, enchanting mood, activated by a tender breeze of rose petals of the widest variety of roses such as floribunda roses, prize roses, bed roses and their gentle green charm.
Clean Air Fresh air in enclosed spaces - strong odour absorbers let unpleasant odours come to an end. The fresh air is reaching you as if by magig by using a small dash of mint.
Fresh Office A fresh office which is sprayed by a touch of mint improves the necessary concentration of the employees.
Sky A timeless, aromatic-sporty scent of lavender, jasmine and geranium as well as sandal wood, musk, amber and a cool freshness boost of mint.
Water A very sporty and sexy note, musk for the masculine nuance and refreshing elements are implied by maritime scents.
compo- sitions
Balm & Care Through the powdery characteristics your nose will catch up the olfactory sensibility of beauty products and this will cause a relaxing freshness through the gentle-flowery charm.
Fresh Laundry Freshly washed, clean laundry - air- and sun-dried - a fantastic and very popular laundry scent.
Patience A very patient and relaxed scent with vanilla, the sweetness of apples and lavender oil spreading harmony, where as lemon-mandarine has an balancing effect flowering out its gentle-fruity scent.
Samoa Sun A basis of exotic woods, amber and musk resting on vanilla, a breeze of cream and a velvety nuance of peach combined with the finest note of coconut resulting in a culinary accord.
Smooth Harmony Local blooming plants of lilac and lavender mixed up with fresh-fruity and green aspects of grapefruit and cedarwood taking a very calmative and relaxing effect.
Waterlily The symbol of beauty and pureness is spreading ist soft and balmy scent in a gentle manner.
Cappuccino The sweet and warm scent recently brewed by the Italian, influencing your rooms.
Coffee Freshly-brewed, steaming coffee with milk and sugar, what a pleasant dreamlike scent early in the morning.
Coffee & Cake Charming sweet scent of fresh pastries and further bakery products - combined with the tart coffee bean.
Coke The familiar sweet scent of coke refined with a dash of lime.
Green Tea The particular aromatic scent of green tea, calms down your soul and invites you to relax.
Bakery Fresh bread rolls, freshly-baked cakes and further sweet pastries refine this crispy bakery scent.
Cheese Cake A famous and sweet attractant of delicious and pleasurably cheese cake.
Chicken Soup Appetizing and enjoyable scent of chicken soup.
Chocolate An invitation to bite, a sweet temptation fascinating by the typical character of unskimmed milk.
Crunchy Bread Crispy warm baked in the oven, this is how you know and love fresh bread, just like our appetizing scent of Crunchy Bread.
Dill Sweet and spicy, the European garden herb shows its dulcet side.
Herbs An aromatic and appetizing mix of herbs and spices.
Napoli Classic scent of the Italian delicacy of tomatoes.
Pizza Salami Oven-fresh and gratinated with cheese, this is how we love the spicy scent of freshly-baked pizza.
Popcorn Fresh and steaming caramelized popcorn, there` s no one who doesn´t love this delicacy.
Strawberry Cream A sweet and creamy pleasure for your nose by its tempting and delicious scent of strawberry-vanilla.
Vanilla The harmonic, gentle-seducing scent of the aromatic vanilla pod warms up body, mind and soul.
Apple The crisp and refreshing touch of juicy-green apples.
Black Cherry The intensive fruit aroma of dark cherries sweetens every summerly daydream.
Grapefruit A clear and tangy scent with toned freshness.
Holiday One Dreamlike thoughts sweeping through enchanting fruity summer cocktails and a fruity paradise of grapes, quince, pineapple and more Caribbean fruits.
Kiwi A vitamine bomb with sweet-tart scent, refreshing and revitalizing.
Lemon A fresh cocktail of juicy, sunny yellow lemons.
Lemon & Mandarin A fruity-fresh embracing of juicy mandarins and tangy lemons.
Mandarin Scent of mandarins, releases depressions and tensions and atomizes a gentle, fresh and mild sweetness.
Melon The sun-ripened, fruity-fresh and sweet scent of the yellow honeydew melon.
Orange The scent of the Portuguese sun fruit, refreshing by it´s distinctive nuance.
Peach-Papaya A cooperation of scents with inspiring tones of peach and exotic aromas of papaya.
Sweet Shadow A sweet transition of a fruity mix of berries with a creamy topping.
Wood & Nature
Forest Leaves, wild berries and woods of the wides variety. The resulting woody and slightly fruity-green breeze highlights this special scent.
Christmas Mood A typical, Christmassy composition with an orange heart note, supported by aromas of cinnamon, Christmas pastries and a slight and sweet touch of vanilla.
Energy The crispy refreshment of lemon refined with a dash of mint will create a very dynamic effect.
Eucalyptus By it´s balmy freshness and strongly cooling character eucalyptus has an outmost concentration stimulating effect.
Lavender A french and spicy breeze of lavender spreading the charm of freshly-picked lilac herbs.
Summer Feeling A fancy and elegant composition of flowers and fruits exiting for every kind of nose through its citrus fruits and provencial lavender blossoms.
Wellness A timeout from the daily chaos enabled by a composition of lemongrass, rosemary and bergamot.


What is an absorber?
How does it work?
The used smell killer OM-Ega 30* which we use in our reimarom® aerosol sprays is a high effective absorber. The effect is not based on a short term smell covering but on a long lasting effect of bad smell elimination of the substances where negative smells occur or grains which cause the development of negative smells. The active substance OM-Ega 30 is the zinc salt of the natural caster oil plant acid. On this active substance the smell molecules are bound. Unpleasant smells are getting absorbed. The main smell causing molecules (amino nitrogen’s and sulphur hydrogen’s) which are found in the smells of nicotine, sweat, urine, spoiled fish, rotten eggs, … etc as well as mercapto-sulphur-compounds which are found in garlic, onions, faeces, … are getting eliminated and not just covered. The effect has been proofed in cooperation with well known universities. OM-EGA 30 is already been used very successful in different cosmetic products which are available in world wide retail trade. Further it is an approved ingredient of deodorants, odorants and deo-roll on.

*The exact name of the absorber has been changed in the above seen description.

Principle of the triple effect

  • removes musty smells
  • neutralizes bad smells
  • refresh’s the air with a pleasant smell

Room sprays

Aroma Spray FEROX – our scent against anxiety, panic and stress

Heart palpitations, inner tension, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, lack of drive and depressive mood - all these symptoms can be caused by fear. Often they are the consequences of too much stress, worries and everyday pressures. But also negative thoughts, impending examinations, air travel and visits to doctors, narrow rooms such as lifts and large crowds of people can turn an otherwise confident person into a fearful one. The anxiety attacks and phobias can hereby occur very suddenly.

Our experienced perfumers have taken up the issue of overcoming fear by smelling and developed an anti-anxiety scent in our in-house scent laboratory.

The starting point for the idea and its implementation was a study published years ago by researchers at the Dental Institute of King's College London. With their randomised cluster study "The effect of lavender scent on dentists' anxiety patients", they have investigated the effect of lavender scent on patients and clearly demonstrated the soothing effect of lavender scent. In addition to lavender oil, a previous study conducted by the Neurological University Hospital in Vienna also examined the effect of the orange essential oil. In both studies, the effects of inhaling essential oils while waiting for dental treatment were scientifically investigated. Both universities came to the same conclusion in their studies: certain essential oils reduce patients' feelings of anxiety and relieve psychological stress.

In March 2017, we successfully presented our anti-anxiety fragrance under the name "FEROX" to an expert audience at the International Dental Fair "IDS" in Cologne.

The FEROX aroma spray can be used for all kinds of internal anxiety and mental stress, for example in the case of examination anxiety (driving school, school, university, etc.), fear of medical interventions, dental fear, fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of confined spaces, etc.

Only the pure essential oils of lavender, orange, bergamot, litsea-cubeba, palmarosa and others are used for the scent composition FEROX. All these oils have relaxing and anxiety-solving properties and create a pleasant, soothing and fragrant atmosphere. The pleasant scent of FEROX dispels your fear and animates you, gives structure to your thoughts and stimulates the rational world of emotions.

We offer FEROX as a ready-to-use aroma spray in a 50 ml spray bottle (especially suitable for acute applications, e. g. when travelling or on the way) and as a pure scent for the use with our programmable room-scenting devices. We will be happy to advise you.


Grandma's Original winter scent – an atmospheric flavor for the winter time

This pleasant and typical Christmas composition is made of ethereal oils and creates a cozy, wintery atmosphere in all rooms. The harmonious selected Christmas flavor contains notes of spices and fruits and develops its delicious aroma of spiced biscuits, gingerbread, baked apples, oranges and lemons. Escape the daily stress, be charmed by this fragrance and enjoy the most peaceful season of the year.

Fragrance Description:

A harmonically composition of typical Christmas spices and fruits, with a fresh and fruity top note and a warm body. The top notes contain aspects of lemon, tangerine and orange meanwhile the base notes are Christmas cookies as well as cinnamon stars, spiced biscuits, gingerbread, baked apples and mulled wine.


Spray two to three times upwards in the middle of the room. In this kind of way the scent can evolve the best way possible.



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